Our primary objective at The Rink at Thompson’s Point is the continued health and safety of our guests, tenants, employees and vendors. Because of this, we have implemented the following policies in response to COVID-19:


Rink Rules

-   We recommend that all visitors and skaters where a masks while visiting our rink. If visiting the Yurt Bar, ALL guests are required to wear a mask while inside.


-Please maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet and be respectful to other guests.  We have designed the rink layout this year to allow plenty of spacing of all guests.  We will no longer have the lounge or kid rink to provide these spaces.  We apologize for any inconvenience, we want to keep everyone safe and still provide this outdoor experience.

-Please stay home if you or anyone that you have been around present these symptoms :

Fever ▫ cough ▫ chills ▫ muscle pain ▫ headache ▫ sore throat ▫ loss of taste or smell ▫ shortness of breath


-We are closely following the State of Maine and Maine CDC guidance throughout the winter. If any changes occur, The Rink at Thompson's Point  reserves the right to change our policies to keep everyone safe. You can find their website here.



Rink Protocol

  • The Rink at Thompson’s Point Managers will be up to date with current CDC and municipal regulatory practices and have the authority to require that these practices be followed by our guests.

  • Employees are instructed to monitor themselves and are required to remain home and report if they are displaying any of the following symptoms:


Fever ▫ cough ▫ chills ▫ muscle pain ▫ headache ▫ sore throat ▫ loss of taste or smell ▫ shortness of breath


  • The Rink at Thompson’s Point Employees will observe and sign-off on rigorous and regular cleaning schedules of restrooms, high-touch zones, bar equipment and publicly accessible spaces.

  • Signage will be installed to encourage all CDC and municipal cleanliness and social distancing guidelines.

  • Masks or face covering will be required for all our employees. 

  • The Rink at Thompson’s Point Staff has the right to require masks of guests at any time.

  • Restrooms will receive a regular and complete disinfecting by a professional cleaning service.



The Rink at Thompson’s Point is dedicated to reducing the spread of COVID-19

If there are any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact Molly Breton, therinkatthompsonspoint@gmail.com



Do you sanitize the skates?

Yes we do!  We clean every pair of skates inside and out with disinfectant cleaner.

Do you have any heated spaces?  

Yes, we have a yurt that is heated and will be open when the bar is open. All ages welcome inside. Must where a mask a when inside the yurt.

Do I need to wear a mask?

We recommend  that ALL visitors and skaters  to wear a mask while at our rink.  We require masks for anyone entering the Yurt bar.  

Do I have to pay for entry if I am not skating?

No, but you must fill out a release of liability.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we LOVE our furry friends, the ice rink is not the safest place to bring your animal.  With sharp ice skates walking around, we would feel bad if your animals paw was stepped on.  We please ask that you keep them safe.

Will your employees wear a mask?

Yes, all of our employees will be wearing masks and will to a health check prior to starting their shift.  

Will the food truck and bar be open?

Yes, with following the current guidelines we will still be able to provide these special amenities this season.

What is your cleaning schedule?

We have a strict policy of cleaning all high touch surfaces as often as possible and ensuring all have been cleaned every two hours when we close the rink for ice resurfacing.

Do I need to sign a release?

Yes, we ask that all guest please sign a release of liability when you arrive.  Save time at admissions by signing the release of liability online. Feature to come before grand opening!

Can I Smoke at The Rink?

There is absolutely no smoking allowed on the premises for The Rink at Thompson's Point

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